Here is a list of recommended art books. Keep checking back because I will be updating this page.

Figure drawing (my teachers from school/people I’ve taken classes from)

Steve Huston | Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count

I had Steve for 4 classes. He was probably my most influential drawing and painting teacher in fundamentals.

Burne Hogarth | Dynamic Figure Drawing | Dynamic Anatomy

I was suprised to find out Hogarth was going to be my Head Drawing teacher.  I looked at my schedule and saw “Hogarth” and wondered if he was related. It never occurred to me that he’d actually be the instructor.

Harry Carmean | Drawings of Harry Carmean

Harry was awesome, but I was too young and clueless to absorb what he was saying.  Stuff didn’t click for me till I got much older.

Figure Drawing for Concept Artists (I took classes from Mark Westermoe and Mike Butkus)

I’ve never met Kan Muftic, but this book is the best book I’ve seen on quick sketch style/technique specifically for production work as opposed to fine art style drawing.

I had a bunch or really good teachers, but not all of them have written books.

Painting (Head painting)

Richard Bunkall | Richard Bunkall

I really enjoyed him as a painting teacher.  He would call me out when he felt I was coasting on skills in my comfort zone rather than pushing myself and risking a failed painting.

Dan McCaw | A Proven Strategy for Creating Great Art

Easily the best fundamental book on painting.  It’s no surprise to see how expensive this thing is now. I’ve been to his studio once.  He’s a really nice guy.

Morgan Weistling | The Image of Christ by Morgan Weistling

David Leffel | An Artist Teaches

I took a workshop from him in Scottsdale.

Burt Silverman | Sight & Insight; the Art of Burton Silverman

I also took a workshop from him in Scottsdale.

All around Concept Art

Scott Robertson | How to Draw: drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination

I saw him speak once in Austin and rode an elevator with him once in Montreal. Solid knowledge and interesting insight on how to deal with running out of ideas.

Generalist skills

James Gurney | Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter

James Gurney has a bunch of good books, not just this one.

Production Work/Storyboarding

Marcos Mateu-Mestre | Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers

This is a great book on composition.  There aren’t really that many that deal with it as a subject on its own.  Most beginners can’t separate the idea of composition from subject matter, especially if they are newbies at both.

Books by my classmates

Armand Baltazar | Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic

I’m really impressed by Armand.  He was a neighbor in college.

Nathan Fowkes | How to Draw Portraits in Charcoal

Nathan was in the same head drawing class with me under Hogarth first term. Super nice guy.