Last weekend I was asked to do a Painting event at Tevakanui Dance Studio. This is the first time I have ever tried doing something like this.  When I have taught in the past, the classes were pretty small.

The purpose of the event was to raise money for costumes for the upcoming Tahitian and Hula performances of the children.  My kids train here at this school.

I attended one of these things at Town Square so I could get an idea of how to do this. I’m the only artist/painter dad out of all the kids and I got volunteered to teach. It didn’t seem so hard at Town Square. I figured I could manage.

This was surprisingly fun.  It’s a big change of pace to teach people who are there to have fun.

Lots of people came out, many who I had never met.

It was cool, to teach to people who were there to paint and enjoy themselves, not stress out over their grades.

It made me happy to see so many smiling faces. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that in person.  Since I’ve been teaching online these past few years, I never get to see how happy or how miserable I make my students in person.

There were also people who were concentrating deeply on their painting.

Even the kids had fun.

There was also a bunch of food for sale in the lobby.

I didn’t get a chance to eat much because I was busy talking and painting.

Luckily my wife got me some Butter Mochi and Banana Bread to take home.

Lots of sweets, but I was hungry for kahlua pork. Maybe next time.

My son took all these pictures and video.  I’d show the video, but it’s shaky as hell.

This was hard on my legs to stand for so long.  Next time I will run the event for a shorter period. I probably ought to do some sit-ups.

I brought my Dad and my wife and they really got into it.

No one was clowning around.  Everyone was super serious and had a good time.  It might have run a bit long for the kids. I will run the next event shorter for them.

My Dad’s painting turned out pretty well.

I stuck the Iron Giant in my demo painting.

The easels were great. Easy to set up and break down.

That’s my painting on the left, that Keahi is holding his painting on the right. Paintings seem to turn out better when you’re enjoying yourself.

Great fun for all.  Looking forward to the next event which should be coming up soon!

Thanks Everybody,

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P.S. I have to say, I am really enjoying using SteemPress.  It’s so much easier to post with WordPress integration.  It make blogging more fun with less work.